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Net10 CDMA by Sprint

Net10 Wireless[edit]

Net10 Wireless logo

Net10 Wireless supports both GSM and CDMA phones which support voicemail and text messaging at a minimum. Depending on the device, some models also offer Bluetooth, camera, hands-free speaker, qwerty keyboard, and wireless web.[12]

Net10 offers a variety of plans, which can be purchased either from their website or from designated retailers. Minutes from one month carry over to the next, as long as service remains active. Net10 Wireless offers a variety of service plans, ranging from $20–65, with as little as 1 GB of data up to 12 GB. Additional data can be purchased throughout the month if the allotted GB are used up. For non-data users, unbundled plans with only text and talk minutes can also be purchased.[13]

Net10 Wireless sells Android phones by LG and Samsung, and some generations of the iPhone, and sells SIM cards that can be used in unlocked AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or other GSM phones.