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safeLink by Sprint

SafeLink Wireless

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SafeLink Wireless is a Lifeline supported service, operated by TracFone's Net10 Wireless subsidiary. Lifeline is a government benefit program which subsidizes discounted or free phone service, only offered to eligible low-income or disabled consumers. The service is non-transferable, and limited to one mobile or landline Lifeline phone line per household.[14] Lifeline is funded through the Universal Service Fund.[15]

Customers can apply for service using the SafeLink web page, by fax, or by mail. Eligible participants receive at least 1,000 domestic talk minutes, unlimited text messages, and a fixed amount of data each month;[16] details vary by state. Service units might carry over to the next month, depending on the plan used.[17] If the customer exceeds the allocation, there is no service until the start of the next month unless the customer buys more units. The customer can use TracFone airtime cards, including promotions for free bonus minutes.

In California, SafeLink customers receive unlimited domestic talk and text, plus 3 GB of data per month (which do not roll-over to the next month if unused), but can purchase an extended data package.[18]